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wash me

7 March
hi im leon.John Nolan (original backing vocalist and guitarist for TBS) and Jessy Lacey (lead vocalist for Brand New) have been good buddies since way back in the day. The albums 'Your Favorite Weapon' by Brand New and 'Tell All Your Friends' by Taking Back Sunday are about the same girl. Apparently John Nolan made a big mistake and slept with Jessy Lacey's girlfriend at the time. They made up but when they were fighting Jessy was in a different band and he wrote the song 'Seventy Times 7' about John Nolan fucking him over and ruining the friendship. Between that time and the time he started Brand New, him and John had made up. But Jessy recorded that song on the 'Favorite Weapon' album and when John found out it was about him he got pissed and wrote 'There's No 'I' In Team' to give his side of the story so to speak. So they were fighting but now they are friends again. As far as John leaving TBS, apparently Adam Lazzara was dating John Nolan's sister Michelle and John witnessed Adam cheating on several occasions. So John left the band and started Straylight Run (although I have heard that there were many other reasons for him leaving as well.) So, Brand New and Straylight Run are friends but now no one likes TBS because they are getting popular on John's songs without him and new tbs isn't half as good as when john and shaun was there.